Static value range analysis

Error estimation and model quality are a huge factor during the development of model-based software artifacts. To detect potential errors within the design of a MATLAB/Simulink model in early design stages we implemented a static value range analysis for MATLAB/Simulink models. The static value range analysis performs an estimation of the values going over each signal line in the form of interval sets. In addition to this value range estimation the analysis also identifies potential design errors within a Simulink model:

  • Division by zero/inf/NaN
  • Data type under-/overflow
  • NaN operations (asin, sqrt, etc…)
  • Death paths
  • Invalid access
  • Saturation reached

To analyse a model the user can either specify input intervals for top-level inports as shown in the picture below or let the analysis assume the full value range that might be a possible input at this port. The analysis takes these values into account and calculates the resulting interval sets at each signal line.



The following video visualizes the usage and workflow of the analysis and was presented at the Matlab Faculty Research Summit 2015.