The tool adapter for MATLAB/Simulink-Stateflow models supports the import of functionsmodels from MATLAB/Simulink and possibly included Stateflow models including all attributes of blocks, ports and lines included within these models. artshop currently supports the import of MATLAB/Simulink functionmodels with up to 100.000 blocks.

The adaper also includes commands to directly modify MATLAB/Simulink models via a command-line API. For instance commands to create new models, add/delete blocks or change parameters are included within the tool adapter. These commands are also used during our duplicate refactoring process described here.

MATLAB/Siumlink models are represented as dataflow diagrams and are hard to read if they are represented within textual form like a tree or table. For that reason artshop implements a custom view for MATLAB/Simulink models. This view is able to display Simulink block diagrams and Stateflow statecharts and its contained elements. The view supports most commonly known block shapes and also displays block masks in a native way.