Tool adapter

The artconnect component of artshop currently includes three tool adapters. Each tool adapters in artshop has to include:

  • Concrete model representation of the model data imported from the respective tools in form of an EMF model representation.
  • Import procedure¬†of model data from the tool or tool associated model files into the model representation of artshop.


Optional features a tool adapter has to provide are:

  • Custom view for model representation in artshop replacing the generic view
  • Overview provider for specific model elements which show the internal composition of an element
  • Export procedure which describes how the imported model data can again be re exported to the tool it originally stems from.
  • Modification commands which describe how the model can be changed either within the model representation of artshop or within the tool environment itself. Combining these approaches leads to a synchronized way of performing model changes within artshop and within the external sources

Supported tools

The artshop model repository framework currently implements tool adapter for the following software design artefacts from the automotive domain: